Best Water Filter Pitchers

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to filter your drinking water is through the use of a water filter pitcher. To use you just simply fill up the reservoir and wait for the water to be filtered into the pitcher. You can simply store it in the fridge so you have cold, clean water for your to use whenever you need.

So what makes up the best water filter pitcher? You should look for one that is the most effective at removing contaminants or that remove specific contaminants that you do not want to consume. Most contain a carbon filter, but some offer multiple stages of filtration or just plain work better than others. This should result in clean, good tasting H2O.

You also should be aware of how long the filters last and how much replacement filters cost. Over the life of the pitcher you will spend much more on the filters than the initial cost of the unit.

One of the common complaints for this type of filtration system is that it can take between 10 and 30 minutes for gravity to pull the water from the upper reservoir through the filter and into the storage tank. So make sure you always fill it up when you pour some liquid out.

Below we review the top 5 best water filter pitchers.


Clear2o CWS100AW Water Filtration Pitcher

We selected the $27 Clear2o CWS100AW as the best water filter pitcher. It was also rated as a Best Buy and received the highest score from the leading consumer magazine. This 72 ounce, or 9 cups, BPA-free pitcher is excellent at filtering out over 44 contaminants for 50 gallons of water. A filter indicator will change colors to let you know when it is time to replace the filter. The replacement filter is CWF1014 and costs about $13.

The biggest problem with the Clear2o model is the way it is filled at the faucet. It requires an adapter that fits on standard faucets, but it does not work with newer style kitchen sprayer-type faucets. A quick-connect hose is then connected and is used to actually fill the pitcher, however it is also very short and does not work for many people. We recommend the Clear2o CWX100B Quick Connect Hose Extender to make it more convenient to fill up. The advantage of this system, however, is that it takes much less time to filter since it uses water pressure to force it through the filter.


MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup

The Mavea 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-cup sells for $30. It has an advanced design that makes it easier to use, especially with the pour-through lid for quick refills. The filter can handle about 40 gallons before needing to be replaced and is made of activated carbon, ion exchange beads, and contains silver to reduce bacterial growth. The replacement filter is the $8 MAVEA 1001274 which is certified to reduce chlorine taste and odor, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, and agricultural chemicals. Mavea also offers a filter recycling program which allows you to download a shipping label and send them back in the mail.


Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

The Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher is the best selling one on Amazon and users rate it at 4.4 stars. It is also the cheapest on our list at about $21. The pitcher is BPA free and comes with a removable lid for easy refilling. The filter reduces zinc, chlorine taste and odor, mercury, cadmium, copper and more for 40 gallons of water, or approximately 2 months, before the filter needs to be replaced. You can buy a 3-pack of the replacement filter for less than $5 each.

The Brita Everday Water Filter Pitcher does not filter out as many contaminants as some other top tier models, so if effective performance is your number one objective then you might want to look elsewhere. However, it is the cheapest water filter pitcher on our list and does work at providing cleaner and better tasting water.


ZeroWater ZP-010 10-cup Pitcher

The $33 ZeroWater ZP-010 10-cup Pitcher uses a 5-stage filtration system to eliminate 99.63% of all dissolved solids from tap water. It is certified to reduce lead, chromium, mercury and hydrogen sulfide and comes with a TDS meter that allows you to see the level of TDS in your water and tells you when it is time to change the filter. One other convenient feature included is a spigot to dispense the water without lifting the pitcher, but the water comes out very slowly. The replacement filter is a bit more expensive than many other models at about $14 each.

While it does rank near the top is terms of filtration performance, many users have said that after a few weeks their water turns acidic which makes us question how long the filters will last. This is even more of a concern since one of the big negatives for the ZeroWater ZP-010 is the price since it is the most expensive on our list for both the pitcher and replacement filter. Another problem is the actual design – it often spills water out when you pour.


PUR 7 Cup Oval Pitcher w/ LED Indicator

Rounding up our list is the PUR 7 Cup Oval Pitcher which sells for about $25. The 2-stage filter works for approximately 40 gallons and reduces lead, 99.9% of microbiological cysts, and 96% of trace pharmaceuticals. The LED indicator tells you when it is time to replace the filter. The replacement filter costs less than $7 each.

On the downside a lot of users lately have complained about the filter quality. They clog fast, just don’t seem to work as good as they used to, nor last as long.