10 Best Electric Shavers

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Electric shavers provide you with a quick convenient shave, especially when traveling, and in some cases can save you money over the long haul versus razor blades. There are two main types – foil and rotary. Foil shavers tend to get the closest shave, while rotary shavers handle longer hair and the contours of chiseled faces better. Some are only for shaving with dry skin, but there is also wet/dry models which allow you to shave in the shower or with shaving cream. All electric versions may take some time for your beard and skin to adjust to. Experts recommend trying it for a few weeks to let your skin adjust and see how you like it. Most manufacturers offer a 30 day trial period, after which you can return the electric razor if you do not like it.

In general the more you spend the better quality of a shave you will get. Prices range from less than $50 to close to $300. You also should take into account the cost of replacement heads and blades, which you need to change every six months to two years. Some come with a cleaning system that also requires replacement cartridges.

Below is our list of the top 10 rated best electric shaver reviews.


Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

Braun’s premier shaver system in their Series 7 line will set you back about $195 and is our choice for the best electric shaver. You get a close, comfortable shave through pulsonic technology – up to 10,000 micro vibrations a minute, ActiveLift – a patented system that lifts and cuts flat-lying hair, and OptiFoil – the most advanced foil design. It also comes with the clean and renew system that automatically charges, cleans, lubricates and dries the shaver.

We highly recommend this electric razor, but while it is waterproof, it is not meant to be used in the shower. So users who want a true wet/dry model should look elsewhere.


Panasonic ES-LV61-A Men's 5-Blade (Arc 5) Shaving System

This Panasonic model is our choice for the best wet/dry electric shaver and is the most expensive on our list at around $269. To ensure you get a close shave it comes with a 5-blade cutting system each with unique foils and an ultra fast 14,000 CPM motor that eliminates tugging and pulling associated with slower razors. Works both for dry shaving or wet shaving with foam or gel which provides more comfort and less irritation for sensitive skin. Unfortunately this model does not come with an automatic cleaning system.


Panasonic ES-LF51-A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Shaving System

The ES-LF51-A is the highest rated model on Amazon and will cost about $160. It performs nearly as well as the ES-LV61-A for about $100 less. This electric razor has 4 blades and does not have the multi-flex pivoting head like the more expensive Panasonic version. However, everything else is virtually the same including the wet/dry capabilities. It also does not include an automatic cleaning system.


Braun Series 7 Shaver System 760cc-4

One step down in the Braun Series 7 lineup is the 760cc which sells for $175. This electric shaving system is nearly identical to the 790cc, except it does not have a Fast Clean option, nor does it have the more advanced LCD display. It uses Pulsonic technology and has three settings for a shave that works best for your facial hair and skin. It also uses the Clean & Renew system for automatically cleaning, recharging, and lubricating the razor. Again while waterproof, it is not meant for wet shaving.


Panasonic ES-LA63-S Nanotech 4-Blade (Arc 4) Electric Shaver

This Panasonic model overs a great value for the price of $130. It has 4 blades with unique foils each designed to attack stubble in different ways and give you a great shave. This electric razor is also a wet/dry shaving system so you can use it the way you want. It does not come with an automatic cleaning system.


Philips Norelco 1280X SensoTouch 3d Electric Shaver with Jet Clean System

The Philips Norelco 1280X is our choice for the best rotary electric shaver and has a sell price of about $242. This model features advanced 3D contouring that adjusts to and is very gentle on your face, but not quite perfect at getting the hair on your neck. You can shave the way you want – either wet with gel or foam, or dry. It also comes with the Jet Clean station which cleans, lubricates, and charges the razor. We recommend this unit for anyone with sensitive skin.


Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Electric Shaver

The ES8243A is a bit cheaper than other Panasonic models at $107, but is not quite as good as the more expensive units. It is powered by a 13,000 CPM motor and has 4 blades. One feature we like is the turbo cleaning mode which vibrates the whiskers clear while under running water. Users can use this razor as a wet/dry model.


Panasonic ES-LA93-K Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Electric Shaver with Vortex Cleaning System

If you want a Panasonic electric foil shaver with a cleaning system than this one is for you. At approximately $195, it is significantly more than its closest comparable shaver – the ES-LA63-S – which is why we graded it a bit lower. The only main difference is that this unit comes with the Vortex Cleaning System which automatically cleans and charges your razor. For the most part we don’t feel this one add-on is worth the $65 difference, but at times it does come in handy.


Philips Norelco AT810 Powertouch with Aquatec Electric Razor

Our choice for the best budget electric shaver is the Philips Norelco AT810 which costs $60. There are cheaper models available, but all of them will leave you disappointed in one way or another. This one exceeds all others in this price range, but does have some difficulty in getting a perfect shave around the neck. It can be used dry or wet and is easy to clean even without an automatic cleaner.


Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-Blade (Arc 3) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver

The $83 ES8103S is our choice for best electric razor under $100 and is the best selling foil shaver on Amazon. The performance from this wet/dry model with 3 blades is good, but not great.