Best Coffee Makers

Basic drip coffee makers that will serve up a decent cup of coffee can cost $40 or less. However, if you want a truly great cup of coffee that is brewed perfectly every time or perhaps more options and convenient features then you will need to spend more money – even up to $200 or more.

Coffee machines come in brew and dispense models or drip coffee makers with carafes that can brew up to 14 cups at a time. The coffee pot, or carafe, may either be thermal insulated or made of glass. Glass models use a warming plate to keep the coffee warm, but may acquire a burnt taste if left on too long, while a thermal insulated carafe keeps your coffee warmer longer without the use of a warming plate.

Some of the most important and convenient additional features to look for include a clearly marked water reservoir, programable settings with automatic timer, small-batch setting, brew strength controls, pause and serve option, and auto-shutoff. Some more advanced features that are not necessary, but might come in handy for some people include a built-in grinder, hot plate temperature adjustment, water filter, and a self-clean cycle.

Below we review the best coffee makers. Below these coffee maker reviews we also have a comparison chart so you can easily compare one model versus another.


Technivorm Moccamaster KB 59691

We selected the Technivorm Moccamaster KB 59691 as the best drip coffee maker. It is the most expensive model on our list at $299, however in one recent survey conducted by the leading consumer magazine, Technivorm owners had the highest owner satisfaction and the brand had the highest predicted reliability.

The 10 cup Moccamaster features a copper boiling element that heats water to control brewing temperature between 196 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and shuts off automatically after brewing. It is equipped with a manual-adjust brew basket with auto drip stop and a glass carafe. The independent hot plate element keeps the coffee between 175 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your coffee piping hot without burning for 100 minutes then automatically shuts off.

Overall the Technivorm Moccamaster KB 59691 is an outstanding coffee maker, but it is up to you to decide if it is worth the price you have to pay.


OXO Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker

For the best thermal carafe coffee maker we chose the OXO Brew 9-cup Coffee Maker which sells for $199. This drip coffee machine is one of the few models that have been certified for quality and performance by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), meaning that it is equipment capable of brewing coffee to the exacting standards set by the SCAA. Most users and reviewers agree that this OXO model makes a great tasting cup of coffee.

It uses an intelligent microprocessor to make sure all the variables like water temperature and brew time are perfect every time. The controls are easy to use with just a single dial to control the number of cups and the 24 hour start timer. The brewing cycle will fill the thermal carafe full of up to 9 cups in just 6 to 7 minutes.

About the only negative to the OxO Brew 9-cup version is the price. It is the second most expensive on our list. However, if you are really picky about the taste and temperature of your coffee and would like a thermal carafe then we highly recommend this coffee maker.


Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer

The $99 Bonavita BV1900TS is the best coffee maker under $100. The BV1900TS is also certified by the SCAA and some users preferred the taste of this machine over all the others including the OXO.

This thing has exceptional performance – it heats up the water to ideal brewing temperature (205 degrees F / 96 degrees C) very quickly and brews 8 cups in just 5 to 6 minutes. It is very simple to use with just one button. However, that means it lacks some features like a programmable timer and brew strength options, but it does have an auto shutoff.

We recommend the Bonavita BV1900TS if a quality, hot cup of coffee is your primary objective, you don’t need the extra features, and you want to save some money over the top two choices. It comes with a thermal carafe, but you can choose the model with a glass carafe as well.


Ninja 12-Cup Programmable CE201

One new coffee maker that has been getting a lot of rave reviews from users is the $80 Ninja 12-Cup Programmable CE201. Overall it makes a great cup of coffee and has pretty much all of the features you could ask for like different brew settings, small batch option, programmable delay brew, mid-brew pause, and permanent filter.

To fill the CE201 you simply remove the removable water reservoir, fill it up, then put it back on the machine. It also has an extra-large showerhead that ensures all the coffee grounds are evenly saturated to extract the maximum flavor. Be aware that this thing makes hot coffee – most people say they have to let it cool off a bit before they can drink it.

If you are searching for a programmable drip coffee maker with plenty of extra features then the Ninja 12-Cup Programmable CE201 might just be for you. The price point makes it pretty attractive as well.


Cuisinart PerfecTemp DCC-3200

The $92 Cuisinart PerfecTemp DCC-3200 received the highest score from the leading consumer magazine. It was designed to create a hotter cup of coffee without sacrificing quality and taste.

The PerfecTemp DCC-3200 takes about 10 minutes to brew 14 cups into its glass carafe. The brew performance is excellent. Other features include brew strength control, fully automatic with 24-hour programmability, self-clean, 1-4 cup setting and auto shutoff (0-4 hours).

Some users have had complaints about the quality of the Cuisinart PerfecTemp DCC-3200. The most common complaints seem to be leaking water and a warming plate that wears out over time.


Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-3000

We selected the Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-3000 as the best self-serve drip coffee maker and will cost about $72. This model dispenses one cup at a time with a press on the lever. It has a 12-cup coffee reservoir that is removable for easy clean up. It also has nearly every feature you could possibly want, but one we really like is the 1-4 cup setting which produces good coffee when you only want to brew less than 5 cups.

If you crave a gourmet cup of coffee, however, this model might not be for you as the coffee it produces is a little weak.


Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System CP307

If you want some versatility from your coffee maker then the $180 Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System CP307 might be for you. This thing offers 6 brew sizes and 5 brew settings for an array of coffee and tea options including cold brew and over ice. It also has a built-in milk frother and separate coffee and tea baskets.

The CP307 takes about six minutes to brew 10 cups of coffee. One thing we noticed is that while the temperature is close to ideal, it is just not quite as hot as it should be.

The Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System CP307 is a great choice for coffee drinkers who also enjoy tea and would like a coffee maker that can handle it all.


Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker

We picked the $55 Hamilton Beach 49980A Two Way Brewer as the best two-way coffee brewer machine. What sets this appliance apart is the ability to brew either a single-serve cup or a full 12-cup pot of coffee.

It features stainless steel construction, a 14 oz stainless travel mug, and a 12-cup glass carafe. Programmable controls allow you to control the brew time up to 24 hours beforehand, control the brew strength, and features a 2 hour automatic shutoff.

We recommend the Hamilton Beach 49980A for all users who want the flexibility of either a single cup or full pot of java.


BUNN 38300.0067 Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

If you want quick brew time then you should consider the Bunn Velocity Brew which sells for about $110. The top feature is its speed which can brew up to 10 cups of coffee in about 3 minutes. The taste of coffee it produces is really good, but does not quite compare to the OXO or Technivorm machines. It is well constructed with a stainless steel water tank that keeps the water heated to 200 degrees F, a glass carafe, and a porcelain-coated warming plate.

The controls on the Bunn Velocity Brew are very basic without any extra features – just a simple on/off/warmer switch. There are no timers or programmable options if you are looking for that, but with its fast brew cycle you probably won’t miss it.


Cuisinart DCC-3400 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

The $99 Cuisinart DCC-3400 Thermal Coffeemaker is the best selling coffee maker on Amazon and it is Amazon’s choice for a thermal coffee maker. This thing has a 12 cup thermal carafe, regular or bold brew strength, 24-hour programmability, 1-4 cup setting, self clean, and auto-off.

The quality and temperature of the coffee is just about perfect initially, but the thermal carafe won’t keep it hot for very long. Another downside of the DCC-3400 is that the carafe is a awkward to handle and difficult to pour out the last cup inside.

Overall the Cuisinart DCC-3400 makes a quality cup of coffee and has plenty of features, but the carafe is not perfect and knocks it down a few points on our rating.


Hamilton Beach 46299

We think the best cheap coffee maker is the Hamilton Beach 46299 which sells for just $30. For this price it has a lot features like a 24 hour programmable start, two-hour auto shutoff, 3 brew options, and an auto pause and serve feature. It is also really easy to use.

If you proudly call yourself a coffee snob or like strong coffee you should stay away from the Hamilton Beach 46299 because you will probably think the Hamilton Beach 46299 makes weak, watery coffee. However, while the coffee might not be perfect, it is still good for most people and at this price who really can complain which is why we recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap coffee maker.


Black & Decker DCM18S Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

We chose the Black & Decker DSM18S as the best single cup coffee maker. This machine is also very cheap at right around $23. It brews directly into a 15 oz stainless steel travel mug that fits most car cup holders. One nice feature is the permanent filter which means no need to buy paper filters. The filter and the whole machine are also very easy to clean.

The simple on/off controls are basic and will start brewing when turned on. It takes about 5 minutes to finish dripping completely.

We recommend the Black & Decker DSM18S for anyone who likes to take a single cup of coffee on the go when they leave for work in the morning.


Mr. Coffee DR5-RB Simple Brew 4-Cup Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee DR5-RB is the cheapest coffee maker on our list at just below $20. Its carafe has a 4 cup / 16 oz capacity that is ideal for households with just one or two coffee drinkers. The coffee quality is good, and it does have a programmable timer although this model does not have all the features you might be looking for.

If you are looking for the best cheap 4 cup coffee maker then we recommend the Mr. Coffee DR5-RB.

Best Coffee Maker Comparison Chart

Rank Coffee Maker Rating Best Price Capacity Carafe / Dispenser Programmable Brew Strength
Small Batch
(H x W x D)
1 Technivorm Moccamaster KB 59691 9.4 $299.00 10 cup Glass Carafe No Yes (Manual – 3 Settings) 14″ x 12.75″ x 6″
2 OXO Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker 9.3 $199.95 9 cup Thermal Carafe Yes No Yes 16″ x 14″ x 8″
3 Bonavita BV1900TS 9.2 $99.99 8 cup Thermal or Glass Carafe No No No 12.4″ x 6.8″ x 12.2″
4 Ninja CE201 9.1 $79.99 12 cup Glass Carafe Yes Yes Yes 15″ x 10″ x 11″
5 Cuisinart DCC-3200 9.1 $92.13 14 cup Glass Carafe Yes Yes Yes 14″ x 9″ x 12″
6 Cuisinart DCC-3000 9 $71.82 12 cup Dispenser Yes No Yes 15″ x 9″ x 12″
7 Ninja CP307 9 $179.99 10 cup Glass or Thermal Carafe Yes Yes Yes 15″ x 12″ x 11″
8 Hamilton Beach 49980A 8.8 $54.99 12 cup Glass Carafe & Single-Serve Yes Yes Yes 14″ x 12″ x 10″
9 BUNN Velocity Brew 8.7 $109.45 10 cup Glass Carafe No No No 14.5″ x 7.1″ x 14″
10 Cuisinart DCC-3400 8.7 $98.99 12 cup Thermal Carafe Yes Yes Yes 15″ x 8″ x 12″
11 Hamilton Beach 46299 8.4 $29.99 12 cup Glass Carafe Yes Yes Yes 12.4″ x 9.1″ x 14.1″
12 Black & Decker DCM18S 8 $22.96 3 cup (15 oz) Thermal Travel Mug No No No 10.2″ x 7″ x 6.9″
13 Mr. Coffee DR5-RB 8 $19.80 4 cup Glass Carafe No No No 9.5″ x 6″ x 7″

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