Best Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are important for parents of newborns since they allow you to monitor your baby without being in the same room. A good monitor also helps you get a good night’s sleep because it will allow you to sleep with confidence knowing that if your baby cries it will alert you. There are two primary choices – audio only or video and sound monitors. There are also movement detection systems that detect a lack of movement in a crib which could indicate a more serious problem.

Recently there have been many more models introduced that connect via Wi-Fi and use your smart phone as the monitor.

Some of the most important features to look for include how it connects, the video and sound quality, range, ease of use, and battery life. Other beneficial features include the ability to talk to the baby unit from the parental unit, sound or movement detection and alerts, night light, and the ability to play lullabies or white noise.

Below we reveal our choices for the top 8 best baby monitors. At the bottom of these baby monitor reviews we also have a comparison chart so you can easily compare one baby monitor versus another.


Motorola Halo+ Over-The-Crib Baby Monitor

We selected the Motorola Halo+ Over-the-Crib Baby Monitor as the best baby monitor which sells for $295. This thing gives you an overhead view of your baby that you can see from the included handheld monitor or your phone. It connects over Wi-Fi so you are in range anywhere where you get a Wi-Fi connection.

The camera on the Halo+ zooms and captures video in full 1080p, although the monitor’s resolution is less. The unit also has accurate sound and motion detection, while the two-way audio is loud and clear. Other features include lullabies, night-light, and lightshow.

There are some other nice features on the Motorola Halo+, however they require a subscription. These include the Smart Zones and Sleep Diary features which help you get a better understanding of your baby’s sleep habits.

While it is the most expensive baby monitor on our list, the Motorola Halo+ is a versatile system that is easy to setup and gives you an overhead view of the crib with lots of extra features.


Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor

Another outstanding baby monitor that is much cheaper than our first choice is the $160 Eufy SpaceView. This thing is superior to any other directly connected (no Wi-Fi) monitor with better screen resolution, longer battery life, and longer range.

The Eufy SpaceView records video in sharp 720p and the included 5-inch monitor also displays in 720p, whereas most monitors are usually only 240p. The camera can also zoom, pan, and tilt to get a better view. The battery lasts a full 7 hours with video on, and 17 hours in power saving mode. While the listed range is less than other models, in actual testing it outperformed those same units.

There are a couple features missing that prevents the Spaceview from earning our number one choice. While there is noise detection, there is no motion detection on this model. There is a also no lullabies or a night light. Since there is no Wi-Fi connection you cannot get remote access or recording capabilities.

Despite missing a few features, the Eufy SpaceView is still a truly great video baby monitor thanks to great image quality, long battery life, and good range.


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The $166 Infant Optics DXR-8 is the best selling baby monitor on Amazon and has been awarded numerous best-of by other publications and websites. The camera uses interchangeable lens technology – three separate lenses to get the best viewing angle (however, the wide-angle lens is sold separately), remote pan/tilt/zoom functions, and invisible IR night vision. The monitor provides real time video on its bright 3.5 inch LCD display with a battery that can last 10 hours in power-saving mode (audio only) and 6 hours with the screen constantly on. It charges via a micro USB cable.

Other features include plug-and-play functionality with easy to use interface, secure 2.4Ghz FHSS wireless transmission, remote temperature display, two-way talk, and expandable up to 4 cameras.

Users praise the range of the DXR-8 and the video quality including night vision is decent, but not nearly as good as some newer HD models. The sound quality is below average. So if you are looking for a video monitor that is very reliable with good battery life then the Infant Optics DXR-8 is an excellent choice.


iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor

A quality Wi-Fi baby monitor available for under $200 is the iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor which sells for about $180. This model includes just the base with a camera that connects over Wi-Fi to your own phone or tablet to monitor. Video is recorded in full HD 1080p, plus it offers sound activation, motion detection, 2-way talk to baby, and a remote control camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom.

The iBaby Care M7 features a built-in moonlight soother, lullabies, bedtime stories, and white nosie. Plus it also has air quality sensors that measure the temperature, humidity, air quality, and CO2 condition.

If you want a dedicated monitor then you should cross the iBaby Care M7 Baby Monitor off your list, however if you prefer to use your own phone as the monitor then we highly recommend it.


Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

The $250 Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is not just a monitor, it is a sleep system designed to give insight into your baby’s sleep patterns. The Nanit comes with a wall mount so you can get an overhead view of your baby. However, it does not have a monitor – you need to use the app on your phone or tablet. It connects via Wi-Fi and maintains a connection even when the internet is out.

To get access to the helpful Nanit Insights requires a subscription. Insights tracks your baby’s sleep and con provide trends, sleep coaching, and an activity feed. Some other features that are lacking include talk back, lullabies, and pan/tilt capability.

If you like the useful data to track your baby’s sleep then you should consider Nanit Smart Baby Monitor, however if you do not want to subscribe to Insights then there are better and cheaper baby monitors available.


Arlo Baby Monitor

The Arlo Baby Monitor is the cheapest video monitor to make our list with a price of around $141. This unit is another Wi-Fi connected camera that you will use your phone as the monitor. It has sharp 1080p video, motion and sound detection alerts, and web access with free cloud storage.

One nice feature of the Arlo is that you can play audio from your phone’s speaker while the app is in the background, unlike many models that have to have their app in the foreground to work. On the downside the camera lacks pan and tilt, and it can sometimes drop its connection.

If you are looking for a cheap Wi-Fi connected baby monitor to use with your own phone then the Arlo Baby Monitor is a great choice.


Philips Avent SCD630/37

If you want a dedicated monitor with excellent sound and long range then the $155 Philips Avent SCD630/37 might be for you. This unit connects via 2.4 GHz FHSS to the included 3.5-inch monitor. The indoor range is excellent as is the sound quality, however the video quality is just average.

The Avent SCD630/37 comes with 2-way talk to baby, sound activation, lullabies, a nightlight, 2x zoom, and a temperature sensor. It does not have Wi-Fi access and the camera lacks pan and tilt capabilities.


VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor is our pick for the best cheap baby monitor. At under $32, this Vtech audio monitor offers solid performance at an amazing price. It uses DECT 6.0 digital technology for clear sound transmission. With the baby-talk feature you can communicate from the parent unit to the baby unit from another room, plus it has a 5-level sound indicator and a vibrating sound alert function.

The biggest downside to the DM221 is obviously no video and a limited range in actual testing. It is also lacking extra features like lullabies. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive, yet quality audio monitor then the VTech DM221 is a perfect choice for you.

Best Baby Monitor Comparison Chart

Baby Monitor Rating Best Price Connectivity Claimed
Open Range
Comes w/ Monitor?
Screen Size
Talk-to-Baby Pan/Tilt/
Battery Life
Motorola Halo+ 9.3 $294.95 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Range Yes – 4.3″ 1080p Yes Yes Yes Yes Zoom 6 hours Yes Yes
Eufy SpaceView 9.2 $159.99 DECT 460 Feet Yes – 5″ 720p Yes No Yes Yes Pan/Tilt/Zoom 7 hours always on / 17 hours power-saving mode No No
Infant Optics DXR-8 9.1 $165.99 2.4GHz FHSS 700 Feet Yes – 3.5″ 640 x 480 Yes No No Yes Pan/Tilt/Zoom 6 hours always on / 10 hours power-saving mode No No
iBaby Care M7 9.1 $179.95 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Range No 1080p Yes Yes Yes Yes Pan/Tilt/Zoom NA Yes Yes
Nanit Smart Baby Monitor 9 $249.99 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Range No 960p Yes Yes Yes No Zoom NA No Yes
Arlo Baby Monitor 8.9 $141.00 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Range No 1080p Yes Yes Yes Yes Zoom NA Yes Yes
Philips Avent SCD630/37 8.8 $155.47 2.4 GHz FHSS 984 Feet Yes – 3.5″ Not Specified Yes No Yes Yes Zoom 9.5 hours Yes Yes
VTech DM221 8.7 $31.45 DECT 6.0 1000 Feet Yes – Audio Only NA NA No Yes Yes No 18 hours No Yes

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