Best Teeth Whitening Products

Visiting your dentist for professional teeth whitening can light up your smile in just one visit, but it will set you back hundreds of dollars. There are many home whitening products that cost far less and can give you results that are almost as good. Options include whitening toothpastes, gels used with trays, strips, rinses, and more.

It is best to use these products if you have healthy teeth and gums. You should not use teeth whiteners if you have cavities or if your front teeth have caps, crowns, veneers, dentures, or white fillings. The number one complaint among users is increased sensitivity in teeth and gums which sometimes can result in painful discomfort.

In reviewing different products, there was a clear winner – Crest Whitestrips. Crest makes over 5 different variations of Whitestrips which range in effectiveness, length of time to use, and sensitivity levels.

Below we review the top 5 best teeth whitening products.


Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects

USE: 30 minutes per day for 20 days.

We picked the Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects as the best teeth whitening product. This $36 product is the best selling on Amazon and also has the highest rating on Amazon for Whitestrips at 4.3 stars. Crest claims that the Professional Effects system will take 14 years worth of teeth stains away and will whiten teeth as white as a $500 professional level treatment using lasers.

While they do whiten teeth extremely well, users may experience sensitive teeth and pain from using it daily. However, you can change up the routine and use the strips every other day to help cut down on sensitivity.


Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Glamorous White

USE: 30 minutes per day for 14 days.

One step down from the Professional Effects is the Crest 3D Whitestrips Glamorous White which sells for about $32. This 14 day system can whiten teeth 25x more than a teeth whitening toothpaste alone. Most users agree that this system will whiten teeth, but you may experience some tooth sensitivity or gum discomfort while using. Again you can change up the routine to every other day or every 3 days to help combat this.


Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine

USE: 5 minutes per day for 28 days.

The Crest 3D Gentle Routine Whitestrips is the best teeth whitening product for sensitive teeth and sells for about $27. This one is for those of you who have tried other products and experienced a lot of pain or discomfort. It is Crest’s most gentle whitestrips and greatly reduces the chance of feeling sensitivity. Having said that, the whitening effect is less than some other products, but still definitely noticeable.


Crest 3D White Whitestrips Classic Vivid

USE: 30 minutes per day for 12 days.

At just $13 the Crest 3D White Classic Vivid Whitestrips is the cheapest teeth whitening product available on our list. They don’t quite have the professional effect of the top whitestrips, but still work to remove stains. Many people use these to maintain their white smile after using a more expensive treatment initially.


Dr Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

USE: 15-240 minutes per day daily. (You can use it as much or as little as you need to get results.)

The $30 Dr Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit provides an alternative to the Whitestrips product and may be cheaper over the long haul. It is the best selling non-whitestrip product on Amazon with a 4.3 star rating.

Some people don’t like the Crest Whitestrips for whatever reason including the cost and the fact that the strips only cover the front 6 teeth or so. This kit gives you an alternate choice and includes moldable teeth trays, syringes to fill 50 applications worth of solution, an applicator brush, and a LED blue light accelerator. You mold the trays to your teeth, apply the gel to your teeth with the brush, then insert the tray over your teeth. You can also use the LED light for the first 15 minutes to accelerate the application. You can wear the trays for between 15 minutes up to 4 hours. You can also use it daily, or every couple of days if sensitivity and pain occurs, for as long as you need to get the results you desire.

Overall we prefer the Whitestrip products, but this Dr Song kit can work at removing stains and whitening teeth even though it is a bit more of a hassle to use.

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