Best String Trimmers

Below you will find our list of the top 10 best gas powered string trimmers with reviews on each model. At the bottom of this article you can find a spec chart comparison for all the models on this list. If you are interested in an electric model – either corded or cordless – then see our review here.

String trimmers, or weed eaters as they are sometimes called, can be broken down into 3 groups depending on their power source. Those include gas powered engines, corded electric motors, and cordless electric battery powered trimmers.

Units powered by small gas engines are the most powerful and provide the most range, but also weigh the most and are the loudest. Weed eaters with corded electric motors are limited by how long your extension cord is and do not provide as much power, but are the lightest, quietest and cheapest options available. Cordless models are also quiet and depend on a battery which limits how long you can run them, but they allow the freedom of range. They cost more than corded electric and the power they provide depends greatly on the battery system used – with some nearly as powerful as gas-powered engines.

For this article we are going to focus on units with gas powered engines. There are two main types of engines – 2-cycle or 4-cycle.

The pros of a 4-cycle engine are that they are much easier to start, provide more power, cause less vibration, and run on gas only. However, they are usually more expensive. While 2-cycle engines require you to mix gas with oil to run them and they are notoriously difficult to start. Although they are cheaper, lighter, and more commonly available.


Honda HHT35SLTAT 35cc 4-Cycle

Our choice for the best string trimmer is the Honda HHT35SLTAT which sells for $359. It features a reliable, easy to start 35cc 4-cycle Honda engine that provides plenty of power for any home user or even professional landscapers. That engine is also the biggest of any on this list. This relatively quiet machine also has a straight shaft with a 17 inch diameter cutting path and bump line-feed.

The only downside other than being the most expensive model on our list, is that it is also the heaviest at 14.8 pounds. However, it does come with a shoulder strap to help distribute that weight. The Honda HHT35SLTAT is perfect for those of you who want reliability and plenty of power, but for home owners with smaller yards there are lighter and cheaper trimmers that might suit your job better.


Echo SRM-230SP 22.8cc 2-Stroke Trimmer

The highest rated 2-cycle gas trimmer on our list is the $302 Echo SRM-230SP. It also received the highest rating from the leading consumer magazine.

Weighing 11.2 pounds it has a 23cc engine which provides enough power to handle any task from consumer to commercial. The SRM-230SP has a very comfortable feel in your hands and does not wear you out from too much vibration. It has a long 59″ straight shaft with bump line-feed and a 17 inch diameter cutting path.

We would not hesitate to recommend this Echo trimmer for all users, especially since it is backed by a 5-year consumer warranty.


Husqvarna 324L 25cc 4-cycle

Another model that is great for landscapers or landowners looking for professional-grade performance is the Husqvarna 324L which sells for about $335. Powered by a 25cc 4-stroke engine that starts easily thanks to air purge and what Husqvarna calls the Smart Start system, this thing provides more than enough power for any job. That 4-stroke engine makes less vibrations as well which just makes this yard tool easier to use.

Weighing 11.24 pounds, the 324L cuts a large 18-inch diameter path. The lines bumps out quickly and smoothly while reloading line also takes minimum effort.

Since the Husqvarna 324L weed eater is expensive, we only really recommend it for someone who has some serious trimming to take on.


Echo SRM-225 21.2cc 2-Cycle

At $219 the Echo SRM-225 is the best bang for your buck. It is one of the highest rated gas string trimmers on with 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This 12 pound unit features a 21.2cc 2-cycle engine with a 59-inch straight shaft and a 17-inch cutting width. It is a bit less powerful and not quite as heavy-duty as the SRM-230SP, but it still can handle tough jobs for the home user with large fields or remote property.

We recommend the Echo SRM-225 for anyone who doesn’t want to pay the premium of the absolute top-tier models, while not sacrificing much performance.


Tanaka TCG24EBSP Heavy Duty 17" 23.9cc 2-Cycle

The $260 Tanaka TCG24EBSP is designed to be a heavy-duty professional trimmer that can last for the long haul. It has a powerful 23.9cc engine and despite being a 2-stroke it has little vibration, which combined with a light weight of just 10.3 pounds makes it easy use all day if needed.

The Tanaka TCG24EBSP comes with a long 7-year consumer, 2-year commercial and 1-year rental use warranty. However, many buyers have said that their customer service is not very good and if you need this machine serviced you might have to go a long ways since there are not many service centers that handle Tanaka line trimmers.


Honda HHT25SLTAT 25cc 4-Stroke

A step down from the top rated 35cc Honda is the 25cc 4-cycle Honda HHT25SLTAT which costs about $330. This model features a straight 45-inch shaft and 17-inch cutting path.

With only a $30 savings over the more powerful HHT35SLTAT, plus this one being only 1.8 pounds lighter, we would recommend going with the larger more powerful Honda model if you are considering the HHT25SLTAT.


Ryobi RY4CSS 30cc 4-Cycle

Our selection for the best gas string trimmer under $200 is the $199 Ryobi RY4CSS and is also the cheapest 4-cycle model on our list. A 30cc 4-cycle engine provides plenty of power and minimal vibration for user comfort.

The RY4CSS weighs 12.25 pounds and cuts an 18-inch wide path with .095-inch diamter line. It also has the longest shaft of any trimmer at 65 inches which makes it a great choice for tall people. This tool also accepts Ryobi expand-it attachments.

Overall the Ryobi RY4CSS is good buy for the price, but it is a bit on the heavy side.


Troy Bilt TB2044 XP 27cc 2-Cycle

The Troy Bilt TB2044 XP was chosen as a Best Buy by the leading consumer magazine and sells for about $170. Power comes from a 27cc 2-cycle engine that starts pretty easily and can tackle tall grass and weeds with ease.

The extra features it comes with is what makes the TB2044 XP stand out. It comes with a quick change cutting head as well as a bonus Aero-Flex fixed line cutting head which utilizes nylon blades to take on heavy vegetation. Reloading the standard cutting head with line is easy with no disassembly. It also accepts interchangeable TrimmerPlus attachments, sold separately, which turn your trimmer into several different tools.

While the leading consumer magazine really liked the Troy Bilt TB2044 XP, overall user ratings have not been quite as positive primarily due to an unreliable engine. That makes us a bit cautious to recommend it. The fact that it is also the heaviest model to make our list at 15 pounds is another negative going against it.


Ryobi RY253SS 25cc 2-Cycle

If you are looking for a more affordable gas powered string trimmer then perhaps you should consider the $129 Ryobi RY253SS. Powered by a 25cc 2-cycle engine this thing excels at edging, but struggles just a bit with thick vegetation.

Features of the RY253SS include an 18-inch cutting swath, 0.095-inch line, bump-feed head, and it weighs 12.2 pounds. It also is attachment capable – accepting Ryobi Expand-It attachments making it more versatile.

Overall the Ryobi RY253SS is a good choice for anyone who wants a cheap gas powered unit, but does not need a ton of extra power to do the most difficult weed eating jobs.


Homelite UT33650A 26cc 2-Cycle

The cheapest string trimmer to make our list and the best string trimmer under $100 is the Homelite UT33650A which sells for $99. At just 10.5 pounds, it is the lightest model to make our top 10 list as well.

The UT33650A is powered by a 26cc 2-cycle engine that performs surprisingly well – even in thick weeds and tall grass. It uses .095-inch line and has a 17-inch cutting path diameter.

When it is operating correctly, the Homelite UT33650A works well, unfortunately it is not the most reliable with several users have reported broken parts or an engine that just won’t run.

Gas String Trimmers Comparison Chart

String Trimmer Model Rating Best Price Engine Size Weight
Max Cutting Path
Diameter (inches)
Diameter (in)
Shaft Shaft
Length (in)
Honda HHT35SLTAT 35cc 4-Cycle 9.3 $359.00 35cc 4-Cycle 14.8 17 0.095 Straight 45″ 2 Year Residential
Echo SRM-230SP 22.8cc 2-Stroke Trimmer 9.2 $302.00 22.8cc 2-Cycle 11.2 17 0.095 Straight 59″ 5 year consumer / 2 year commercial warranty
Husqvarna 324L 25cc 4-cycle 9.2 $334.99 25cc 4-Cycle 11.24 18 0.095 Straight 58.5″ 2-year limited
Echo SRM-225 21.2cc 2-Cycle 9.1 $219.00 21.2cc 2-Cycle 12.1 17 0.095 Straight 59″ 5 year consumer / 2 year commercial warranty
Tanaka TCG24EBSP Heavy Duty 17″ 23.9cc 2-Cycle 9 $260.50 23.9cc 2-Cycle 10.8 17 0.095 Straight 58″ 7-year consumer, 2-year commercial and 1-year rental use warranty
Honda HHT25SLTAT 25cc 4-Stroke 8.9 $329.00 25cc 4-Cycle 13 17 0.095 Straight 45″ 2 Year Residential
Ryobi RY4CSS 30cc 4-Cycle 8.9 $199.00 30cc 4-Cycle 12.25 18 0.095 Straight 65″ 3-Year Limited Warranty
Troy Bilt TB2044 XP 27cc 2-Cycle 8.8 $169.99 27cc 2-Cycle 15 18 0.095 Straight 60″ 3-Year Limited Warranty
Ryobi RY253SS 25cc 2-Cycle 8.5 $129.00 25cc 2-Cycle 12.2 18 0.095 Straight 53″ 3-Year Limited Warranty
Homelite UT33650A 26cc 2-Cycle 8.1 $99.00 26cc 2-Cycle 10.5 17 0.095 Straight 55″ 2 Years

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