Best Treadmill Desks

Studies have shown that sitting all day has numerous negative affects on our health. That is why treadmill desks are seen as a perfect solution since they combat the sedentary lifestyle by letting users walk while they work. Some of the benefits include preventing diseases, burning more calories and thus losing weight, preventing back and neck pain from poor posture, users are more productive and creative, and they cure that afternoon sluggishness.

Treadmill desks are just now catching on in the workplace with many businesses trying them out. They are typically sold as one unit that is made up of the treadmill component and the table component. They normally are not attached to each other, although in some models they can be. You can find just tables that are designed to be used with any existing treadmill, while you also can find just treadmills that don’t have large consoles or arms that are designed to be used with a table.

Performance is not as big of a factor as you would look for in a normal treadmill since the primary use is just for walking. Normal models also quite often do not work as well in this situation since they are designed to work for shorter periods of time at a faster pace. Many companies will not honor warranties on units used to walk for 6 hours or more a day because it is hard on the motor and drive system. That is why buying one that is designed to be used specifically for walking for a long period of time as a treadmill desk is preferred.

Below we review our choices for the best treadmill desks.


LifeSpan TR1200-DT5

The LifeSpan Fitness TR1200-DT5 is a great overall value of performance versus the price of $1499 and is our top choice for the best treadmill desk. It has won awards and users on Amazon give it a 4.6 star average which is the top rated model you can find. The treadmill component has a 2.25 hp motor that powers the 20″ x 56″ belt surface at a speed of .4 to 4 mph which is the most you would probably ever use while working. The separate table has a very large work surface 46.5″ wide by 31″ deep and can adjust 16 inches vertically to accommodate any user’s height.

Overall we highly recommend this LifeSpan model for anyone who is looking for a treadmill desk and only plans on using it for walking while working.


NordicTrack 24951 Desk Treadmill

The NordicTrack 24951 Desk Treadmill is a much better performing treadmill available for $1999 that is capable of providing a solid workout as a stand alone unit, not just for walking while working. It has a 20″ x 55″ running surface, 0-10% incline, 0-10 mph speed, and a 3 hp motor to provide power.

The desk has integrated display and controls to easily track your progress and adjust incline and speed very easily. It also has 18 inches of adjustability for height that changes with just a touch of a button. It has a surface area of 38″ x 21″, which is not super deep and may limit some people. The treadmill portion also folds up vertically which allows you to still use the desk portion with a chair as a normal desk.

Overall the treadmill is overkill for those of you who will just need something to walk on, while the desk is not the most spacious. However, if you want a model that not only provides a desk, but one you can also use for a full cardio running workout then this thing will be great for you.


ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill

The $1999 ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill is really more of a treadmill than it is a desk. It has all the features you would look for in an outstanding model like the large 22″ x 60″ running surface, -3% to 12% incline range, 12 mph max speed, grip heart-rate monitor, and 34 different workout apps. It also folds up very thin which is one benefit that many other desk machines do not have.

However, the biggest negative is the lack of desktop space. The normal console has an integrated tablet holder if you just want to play around on your tablet, but for more serious work the console folds down and provides a work surface you can place a laptop or computer monitor on. Unfortunately that is about all you can place on it.

Therefore we really don’t recommend this ProForm model in an office environment where your primary use would be for walking while getting work done. But if you only need to use a laptop for work and also want to be able to get a more serious workout in at home then this thing is perfect for you.


LifeSpan TR800-DT5

The LifeSpan Fitness TR800-DT5 is a step down from the TR1200 in performance, but is available at a more attractive price of $1295. The main differences being a smaller 2 hp motor and a smaller belt surface area of 18″ x 52″. The speed ranges from .4 to 4 mph as well. The table is the same and has 16 inches of vertical adjustment for users of all heights.

We recommend the TR800-DT5 for shorter (under 5’10”) and lightweight (under 200 lbs) people who don’t need the larger walking surface or bigger motor.


LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

If you have a table that you can use and just need a treadmill without the console and arms in the way then we recommend the $999 LifeSpan TR1200-DT3. This is the same model as our #1 rated unit just without the table. It works great for walking with speeds ranging from .4 to 4 mph.

Just remember that you cannot run on this machine so don’t plan on using for anything other than walking while you work.


TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

If you just need a desk to pair with your existing treadmill then we recommend this one made by TrekDesk. It is super spacious with a 72″ x 34″ workspace and is can be adjusted to accommodate anyone from 5 feet 4 inches tall to 6 feet 4 inches tall. It works with almost any treadmill for walking while working, and if you want to run just move the table out of the way.

On the downside it is quite expensive at $499 for just a table. It is also takes up quite a bit of space, so if you only really need a laptop to do work then this thing is really more that you need.

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