Best 4K Blu-ray Player

One of the hottest new electronic items is the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. If you have a 4K TV – and you must to take advantage of these players – then these machines can provide the very best video output because they are capable of playing 4K Blu-ray discs, unlike standard Blu-ray players that can play HD discs and may or may not be capable of upscaling to 4k resolution.

Currently there is not a lot of 4k content available, however more titles are being released all the time. So if you are in the market for a Blu-ray player then you might want to get ahead of the curve and buy a 4K model now so you don’t have to upgrade in the near future.

There is also not a lot of models to choose from, but again more are being released all the time. Below we review the top 5 best 4K Blu-ray players. At the bottom of these 4k UHD Blu-ray player reviews we also have a comparison chart so you can easily compare the specs from one 4k player versus another one.


Sony UBP-X700

We selected the $175 Sony UBP-X700 as the best 4k Blu-ray player. The video quality is outstanding and it is capable of producing better video from upscaling non-4k content to 4k than other players in this price range which is great because we all have a lot of DVDs or HD Blu-rays we still like to watch.

Another reason the video quality is so good is thanks to its support of HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The Sony UBP-X700 also includes fast loading, responsive interface, Wi-Fi and tons of streaming services.

There really is nothing major to complain about on the Sony UBP-X700, although a few users have had freezing problems when streaming. Buyers should also be aware that there is a slightly older player – the Sony UBP-X800 – which is very similar, but can output audio to Bluetooth headphones and does not have support for Dolby Vision.



The $197 LG UBK90 was chosen as a Best Buy and received the highest score from the leading consumer magazine. We could have made it our number one pick, but it costs more than the Sony UBP-X700 and only supports streaming from Youtube and Netflix.

The video quality of the UBK90 is also outstanding and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It is backwards compatible with all popular legacy discs to upscale to 4k. It also has Wi-Fi, but only supports two streaming services.

One common complaint from some users is that the disc tray either won’t open all the way or gets stuck. We don’t think that one problem should scare you away, but if you do buy the LG UBK90 then make sure it works right away and send it back if it doesn’t.


Xbox One S

Since the $253 Xbox One S is only about $50-$75 more other 4K UHD Blu-ray players, then you might want to consider buying a machine that is also capable of playing the latest games.

Yes it is a game console, but it also can play 4K Blu-ray discs and stream 4K content from Amazon video and Netflix. Another great feature is its support of HDR – High Dynamic Range, which lets your TV display deeper blacks and more vibrant colors if your TV also supports HDR.

The sleek looking Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the Xbox One and comes with a wireless controller and high-speed HDMI cable. Three USB ports are included so you can load stored media from several different devices.

Even if you didn’t think you wanted or needed a gaming console, at this price you at least have to consider the Xbox One S if you are searching for a 4K Blu-ray player.


Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA

The Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA is the most expensive dedicated 4k UHD Blu-ray player on our list at $198. That is not a lot more, but it also is not quite as good as our top choice Sony and LG models.

The video quality is great, but while it supports HDR it does not support Dolby Vision. The UBD-M8500/ZA player loads discs fast and has Wi-Fi with plenty of streaming options.

There were no major negatives, but some users have complained about machines that don’t work, a sometimes buggy interface, and a remote control that doesn’t want to work with the player.



If you want a basic 4k UHD Blu-ray player that just plays discs and offers no streaming services then you should consider the LG UBK80. Selling for $179, you don’t really get much of a price break compared to the LG UBK90 despite having no Wi-Fi and it is still more expensive than our first pick.

The UBK80 offers outstanding video quality with support for HDR. However, it does not support Dolby Vision. It is backwards compatible with all DVDs and HD Blu-ray discs.

One nice thing about having no Wi-Fi or streaming services is it seems like the machine just works better and has less complaints from users than other players.

4K Blu-Ray Player Comparison Chart

4K Blu-ray Player Rating Best Price 4K
Optical Digital
Audio Out
Coaxial Digital
Audio Out
Memory Card
Streaming Services
Sony UBP-X700 9.3 $175.00 Yes Yes Yes No Yes 0 2 1 No Yes No Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, YUPPTV, Pandora, MUBI, HULU, Crackle, MLB.TV, FOX News, Spotify, Sony Action Cam YouTube Channel, WWE Network, Curiosity Stream, iHeart Radio, Berliner Philharmoniker, Slacker, TubiTV, SiriusXM.
LG UBK90 9.3 $196.99 Yes Yes Yes No Yes 0 1 1 Yes No No Netflix, Youtube
Xbox One S 9.2 $253.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 1 3 Yes No No Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, More
Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 9.1 $198.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 0 2 1 Yes No No Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, CinemaNow, YuppTV, Netflix, Pandora, AccuWeather, Plex, Crackle, Facebook, CNBC Real-Time, Fandango (M-GO)
LG UBK80 9 $179.00 Yes Yes Yes No No 0 1 1 Yes No No None

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