Best 3D TVs

Currently no new TVs with 3D capability are being made. You might be able to find a few older TVs still for sale with this ability, however. If you really want 3D capability you might want to read our home theater projector reviews since several projectors still have a 3D feature.

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3D TVs are not really a type of TV, but instead a feature of televisions regardless of the display technology they use. They function just like regular TVs with normal 2D programs, but they also enable you to switch to 3D when watching content that is in a 3D format. In order to watch in 3D you have to wear special glasses to interpret the images or else the display will look blurry.

There are two main types of 3D – active and passive. Active technology requires glasses that use electronics and batteries that sync with the TV and shutter to produce the image. These more expensive glasses display the full resolution of the screen, but also dim the image slightly. Passive technology primarily found on LED televisions uses polarized glasses that are cheaper and the resulting image is brighter with less ghosting. However, they reduce the vertical resolution in half which degrades overall picture quality.

While some models can produce simulated 3D from a 2D source, if you are buying one of these sets, make sure you can get content you want to watch in 3D format. The primary source currently is a Blu-ray 3D player, but you will want a satellite or cable box capable of delivering channels in 3D as well.