Best Blu-Ray Players

There is one big decision you have to make before you buy a Blu-ray player. Do you want a player that can play 4K Ultra HD discs or just standard HD Blu-ray discs?

The newer 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players, which can still play the standard HD Blu-ray discs while upscaling the content to 4K, are starting to dominate the market and are great for a home theater. Very few standard Blu-ray players are still being made if any.

For this article we will be focusing on models that play standard Blu-ray discs that may or may not be capable of up-scaling content to 4K to take advantage of 4K Ultra HD TVs. If you want 4K players then see our list of the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players.

Some important features to consider for when shopping for a player include image quality, 3D capabilities, Wi-Fi, streaming services and other apps, HDMI ports, USB ports, and audio outputs.

Below is our list of the top 5 best Blu-ray players. Below these Blu-ray player reviews you will also find a comparison chart with all the important specs of each model to easily compare one player versus another.


Sony BDP-S6700

Our pick for the best Blu-ray player is the $90 Sony BDP-S6700 which packs a ton of features into a single unit including some you won’t find on most other standard Blu-ray players. At publication time it was also the best-selling Blu-ray player on Amazon.

The standard features inlcude 4K upscaling, Wi-Fi, 300+ streaming sources, and USB port. The unique features include multi-room streaming and Bluetooth connectivity with LDAC which lets you use wireless headphones and game controllers.

As for negatives, the Sony BDP-S6700 does lack an digital optical output and there are a few small bugs when using or switching between some of the apps. Some people have also complained that their Bluetooth devices have compatibility issues with this unit.


LG BP550

Another option is the $90 LG BP550. Other than lacking 4K upscaling, it has a similar feature set as the Sony BDP-S6700.

One unique feature is the Private Sound Mode which lets you send audio (only from a disc) to your compatible smart phone over Wi-Fi and then you can listen through head phones.

Overall the LG BP550 is a decent player, but there are better or cheaper options.


Sony BDP-S3700

If you want to save a few dollars over the Sony BDP-S6700 you could go for the $78 Sony BDP-S3700. This thing is ideal for most people looking for a standard Blu-ray player since it has all the basic functions most people want.

Playback of Blu-ray discs is great, while the interface is easy to use and not laggy. Wi-Fi and your favorite streaming services are included as well.

The downsides to the BDP-S3700 are that there is no 3d playback or 4k upscaling – if you want those features go for the BDP-S7500. However, if you have a 4k TV it will probably already have upscaling built-in.


Samsung BD-J5100 (renewed)

Our pick for the best cheap Blu-ray player is the Samsung BD-J5100 which costs just $39 for a renewed version. It seems like only renewed models are available, not brand new ones, but it is still one of the best-selling Blu-ray players on Amazon.

The reason it is cheap is due to a lack of features. It does not upscale to 4K, nor is it 3D compatible. Plus the biggest thing missing is Wi-Fi, but you can connect to the internet via an ethernet cable to have access to streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix.

We recommend the Samsung BD-J5100 for those of you who just need a cheap, basic Blu-ray player that will only be used to play standard Blu-ray discs.


Sony BDP-S1700 (renewed)

Another cheap renewed Blu-ray player available is the $55 Sony BDP-S1700. Video quality on disc playback is excellent.

However, there is no wi-fi or screen mirroring, 3d, or 4k upscaling. The interface can also be a bit lagging at times.

Blu-ray Player Comparison Chart

Blu-ray Player Rating Best Price 4K
Optical Digital
Audio Out
Coaxial Digital
Audio Out
Memory Card
Streaming Services
Sony BDP-S6700 9 $89.88 No Yes Yes No Yes 0 1 1 No Yes No PlayStation Video, PlaystationNow, Amazon, YouTube, Crackle, Slacker radio, Feelin, NetFlix, VUDU, hulu Plus MLB.TV, More
LG BP550 8.6 $89.95 No No Yes No Yes 0 1 1 No Yes No Vudu, Netflix, CinemaNow, Hulu plus, Amazon, Pandora, Youtube, Spotify, Rhapsody, MLB, Viewster
Sony BDP-S3700 8.5 $78.00 No No No No Yes 0 1 1 No Yes No PlayStation Video, PlaystationNow, Amazon, YouTube, Crackle, Slacker radio, Feelin, NetFlix, VUDU, Hulu Plus MLB.TV, iheart radio, More
Samsung BD-J5100 (renewed) 8.4 $38.97 No No No No No 0 1 1 No Yes No Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, CinemaNow, HotList, YuppTV, Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody, AccuWeather, OperaTv
Sony BDP-S1700 (renewed) 8.3 $54.99 No No No No No 0 1 1 No Yes No PlayStation Video, PlaystationNow, Amazon, YouTube, Crackle, Slacker radio, Feelin, NetFlix, VUDU, Hulu Plus MLB.TV, iheart radio, More

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